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Memorandum - FM. Training Learners

Published 05/13/2022 10:28



TO:         FM.Training Learners

FROM:   IFMA’s Professional Development Department

DATE:    May 1, 2022

Re:         Study Resource folder


This memo is to notify learners that a Study Resource folder has been added to each credential course in FM.Training. This folder will include the course Flipbook, a PDF of the student guide, content updates and/or corrections and any supplemental resource materials that may become available.

As a general reminder, occasional editorial updates may be made to a course. Learners that have hard-copy print materials have access to these updates by going to FM.Training.

As you continue with your training, please do not hesitate to log any feedback or suggestions you have by going to the Help Desk located within FM.Training. All feedback is reviewed to determine if additional enhancements should be made to a course.

We are excited to have you participate in IFMA educational offerings and look forward to continuously enhancing your overall experience.


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