Why IFMA Credentials

What sets IFMA Credential programs apart from other FM-related programs?


Why Seek an IFMA Credential?

Highlighting your professional achievements with an internationally recognized IFMA credential communicates your knowledge, enhanced skills, and credibility to employers, clients and peers. Demand for credentialed facility managers continues to rise as the built environment becomes an increasingly essential business asset. Employers seek FMs who can enhance organizations’ performance by integrating people, property and technology.

To meet the challenges the modern built environment demands, IFMA provides rigorous, tested and proven professional development to the FM industry.

IFMA’s learning curricula accurately reflects the scope of the FM practice. This is guided by IFMA’s Global Job Task Analysis (GJTA), a landmark initiative to thoroughly define the shared practices of facility management. Identifying and validating FM roles, responsibilities and activities worldwide, GJTA provides the basis for the industry’s body of knowledge and ensure that IFMA’s credential programs measures all candidates against one global standard.

Certificate Programs

IFMA's Facility Management Professional™(FMP®) is a knowledge-based credential for FM professionals looking to increase their depth-of-knowledge in the core FM topics deemed critical by employers.

IFMA’s Sustainable Facility Professional® (SFP®) is an assessment-based certificate program for FM professionals looking to achieve a specialty credential in sustainability that impacts your organization's economic, environmental and social bottom lines.


IFMA is an ANSI-Accredited Certificate Issuer - Accreditation #1057. IFMA is accredited to issue the FMP and SFP Certificate to those successfully completing the FMP and SFP Certificate Program by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ANSI/ASTM E2659-09. ANSI is the official U.S. representative to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ANSI accreditation is nationally and internationally recognized as a mark of quality. It assures companies, customers and the general public that a certificate holder has completed the prescribed course of study in a manner that represents the best in quality education and training.


Certification Programs

IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager®(CFM®) is an internationally recognized credential that sets the standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers. It is a competency-based certification that requires ongoing professional development and periodic renewal.