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A Shark Tank Survival Guide for the FM
In this session, you will explore important strategies and behaviors necessary to gain access and consideration surrounding any issue and especially a newly developed idea from the FM.
Virtual CFM Exam Prep Workshop

Are you ready to sit for the CFM Exam? This online workshop will in six hours, spread over two evenings, review the overall methodology of the CFM Exam and practice applying critical thinking skills to your FM knowledge, using sample questions in...

The International Valuation Standards in Context
This e-learning course provides you with a detailed introduction to the philosophy and methodology of the International Valuation Standards. Valuations are widely used and relied upon in financial and other markets whether for inclusion in financial...
Operating Sustainable Facilities: New Technologies in Lighting and Solar
In this session, you will learn to apply critical thinking toward the application of energy management best practices and the link to successful sustainable facility management operations, factors that make new lighting technologies and solar...
From Sustainable FM to Strategically Sustainable FM
In this session, you will learn how to be your organization’s “Champion” of sustainability by leveraging your facility assets and aligning your sustainable FM strategy with your organization’s overall strategy, current FM and workplace trends and...
Technology and the Impact on Sustainable Workplaces
In this session, you will be learn key IT technology techniques that impact sustainable workplaces, the FM role in reporting sustainability metrics & data and understand the role of technology in connecting the workforce to the workplace.
Linking FM to Organizational Strategy: How To Develop a Strategic Facility Plan in the New Normal
In this session, you will learn how to leverage your strategic facility planning process to enhance the performance of fixed assets, and learn what you can do to create and communicate a plan that is right for your organization.
Aligning FM Strategy With the Enterprise
In this session, you will focus on alignment strategies and methods, exploring how a good metrics program supports continuous improvement initiatives as well as an overview of change management principles and strategies.
The Implications of Health and Safety in Managing Buildings

In this module, facility managers will learn how health and safety affect occupants and FM operations, addressing the standards and processes for conducting related risk assessments.

The Application of Technology

In this module, facility managers will gain an understanding of software technologies used in FM, including Building Automation Systems (BAS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) as well as “cloud” and...

Work Management Tools in Facility Management

In this module, facility managers will explore various work management tools utilized in an FM organization. Addressing the role of productivity in the effective management of facilities, the determination and calculation of productivity metrics...

Creating a Powerful FM Legacy

As an unprecedented number of experienced facility managers transition out of active practice, the FM industry is experiencing the largest professional hand-off in industry history. This session addresses the need for FM organizations to preserve...

Making Sense of the Carbon Footprint
In this session, you will learn about the carbon footprint, starting with greenhouse gas emission protocols and standards for applying these principals in your business. Explore the three greenhouse gas emission scopes, and learn about impact...
The Basics of Building Systems

In this module, facility managers will receive a general overview of each of the major building systems to identify when building equipment is being serviced properly, and better understand how to manage the personnel who attend the building...

Essentials of Facility Management Series

The Essentials of Facility Management is a series of training workshops designed to meet the educational needs of FM professionals in global FM markets. 

Introduction to Operations and Maintenance

In this module, facility managers will be introduced to key concepts of FM operations and maintenance.

Applying Work Management to Building Systems

In this module, facility mangers will learn how to apply work management principles to building systems in facilities.

Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in Facility Management

In this module, facility managers will gain an understanding of how to meet customer expectations and increase client satisfaction, addressing different methods of collecting customer feedback and techniques for processing both positive and...

Managing Contractors in Facility Management

In this module, facility managers will review different types of facility contracts and how to use them to enhance the FM function, addressing the steps necessary to write a request for proposal and ways to achieve successful partnerships with...

Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management

In this module, facility mangers will gain an understanding of the facility supervisor’s “work management” role in the organization — particularly concerning time and resource management, productivity, decision-making, communication and...

Smart Glass: Sustainability and Security for High-Performance Buildings
In this session, you will investigate the energy-saving potential of smart glass, review its support of broader sustainability ideals related to occupant well-being, and examine smart glass configurations that offer advanced security benefits to...