Manage My Credentials (CAMP)



CAMP - Credentialing Application Maintenance Program - Click here to manage your application


FMA’s Credentials Application/Maintenance Program (CAMP) allows you to apply for, complete and maintain your credentials and related information.
Read the CAMP User’s Guide

After you log in, you’ll be able to:

  • Submit and review IFMA credential applications
  • Review your credential status
  • Maintain and submit your CFM Maintenance Points
  • Review your credential and exam history
  • Download credential logos
  • Print your transcript of CEUs earned through IFMA
  • Make credential payments, review payment history and print receipts

Login Instructions For CAMP


If you have never logged into CAMP, or IFMA's online learning center, you will need to register.

Click on the CAMP button above and choose, "Don't have an account?". Complete the registration.

Troubleshooting Login

  1. ISSUE: You have tried to login in and you receive the following message:

    “The email address you entered is not in our system. Please use a valid user email or create an account by clicking the Register link below.”

    CAUSE: You have not registered before with IFMA or you are not using the correct email address as your username.

    SOLUTION: Choose "Don't have an account?" to register if you are new to IFMA and CAMP or call a Member Services representative at +1 713-623-4362 who can help you with your username.

  2. ISSUE: You have logged into CAMP but you do not see your credential information.

    CAUSE: If you use your social media account or a new email address to login, a new record will be created that will not contain your credential information.

    SOLUTION: Log in to CAMP using the email address on file with IFMA.

For additional information, email us at: