IFMA FM Learning System

The complete study resource for the CFM Exam


The IFMA FM Learning System is a premier quality review course designed to meet the needs of professionals and organizations. It was developed based on input and guidance from a wide spectrum of facility management subject-matter experts and leaders. This program will provide you with the tools necessary to learn the updated FM body of knowledge as well as help you prepare for the updated CFM Exam in the time frame and learning format that best suits you.

The IFMA Facility Management Learning System™ is an interactive print and Web-based review program that reinforces the facility management body of knowledge in a flexible, on-demand format.

Developed by IFMA and a team of subject matter experts, this program encompasses current knowledge, best practices and trends in facility management, covering all core competencies. In addition to preparing professionals for the CFM Exam, the Learning System is an excellent professional development tool and an indispensable on-the-job resource. The IFMA FM Learning System offers flexible study options that can be tailored to individual learning needs and preferences.

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Unmatched FM training and certification preparation

  • Convenience and flexibility. Whether you prefer the independence of a self-study program to study where and when your schedule allows or the guidance provided by instructor-led classes and peer interaction.
  • Expert Design. A team of FM experts helped develop the Learning System to be the most current, comprehensive, and effective professional development tool and CFM Exam preparation program available.
  • Powerful Study Tools. Comprehensive print materials and interactive online study tools will help you create an efficient study plan, learn and apply key concepts, and test your understanding and retention.
  • Your Preparation Partner. The IFMA FM Learning System coupled with the advanced skills you've gained through years of work experience will help you prepare for the CFM Exam with confidence.

Exclusive tools to help you reach your CFM goal

The IFMA FM Learning System provides access to several tools not available anywhere else:

  • Save time with SmartStudy™ tools. Streamline your study time with this tool that helps you customize your learning plan.
  • Experience the Exam helps build exam-day confidence by providing an opportunity to practice applying FM knowledge in a competency-based exam similar to the CFM Exam format.
  • Test-taking tips webinar in the Resource Center provides tips and covers important aspects of taking a competency-based exam.
Benefits of the FMLS

Why consider the FM Learning System?

  • Comprehensive, covering all 11 competencies tested by the CFM
  • Interactive online study support tools
  • Experience the exam with a competency-based practice test similar to the CFM Exam format.
  • Reinforces current knowledge and fills in the gaps
  • Designed by industry Subject Matter Experts

Why should employers consider the FM Learning System?

  • Implement an effective up-to-date training program from a globally-recognized organization.
  • Enable employees to make better FM decisions.
  • Increase your company’s credibility among customers and suppliers.
  • Utilize one turn-key training program saving time and money.


Course Components

The IFMA Facility Management Learning System offers comprehensive print materials and interactive online study and support tools for FM professionals looking to advance their knowledge and those preparing for the CFM Exam. Developed by IFMA and a team of subject matter experts, this program covers the updated facility management body of knowledge.

Comprehensive Print Materials

The IFMA FM Learning System’s six printed books cover the 11 competencies that comprise the complete facility management body of knowledge and are tested in the CFM Exam. This extensive content is organized by chapters so you can tailor your studies to areas that require additional study.

  • Printed reading materials correspond to the 11 competency areas tested on the CFM Exam. View table of contents.null
  • Each competency is divided into chapters with chapter-specific quizzes.
  • Books can be used as reference materials for years to come.
  • Topics presented in a concise, easy-to-understand format .
  • Materials created by subject-matter experts.

Interactive Online Study Tools

Web-based testing includes hundreds of questions and is designed to reinforce what you studied in the printed books, test your retention and help you prepare to take a competency-based exam.

  • Pre-tests assess initial knowledge and help focus studies.
  • Chapter-specific quizzes reinforce concepts, with immediate feedback and correct answer rationales.
  • Post-test gauges knowledge gained and helps identify areas requiring further study. Generate a Certificate of Completion with a passing score of 80% or greater.
  • Experience the Exam provides an opportunity to practice applying knowledge in a competency-based exam similar to the CFM Exam format.

Online Study Support Tools and Resources

To solidify the knowledge and deepen your understanding covered in the printed materials, you will have access to a variety of tools offered online to enhance your studies.

  • Facility Management Overview provides an introduction to the FM profession.
  • SmartStudy Tool helps you organize a study plan.
  • Case study exercises help you practice applying what you've learned across competencies.
  • Flashcards and glossary help you review key terms and definitions.
  • Progress reports track your activities and scores.
  • Resource Center provides test-taking tips, additional reference and feedback opportunities.

The IFMA Facility Management Learning System is a certification preparation program and is not a substitute for the CFM certification examination. Completing this program does not entitle the users to present themselves as CFMs, or to use the CFM designation. The only way to earn the Certified Facility Manager certification is to apply for and pass the CFM Exam. If you wish to take the CFM Exam, you must submit an application form and separate exam fee through IFMA..

*Please note: participation in exam preparation courses is optional and not approved or endorsed as the only or best means of preparation for the CFM exam. The IFMA Certification Commission, the governing body responsible for the development and maintenance of the CFM exam, is not involved in the development or delivery of any exam preparation materials.