Workplace Violence. You, Your Management and Your People

In this session, you will learn about the standards and laws surrounding workplace violence, as well as how to properly train employees to prioritize workplace safety and respond in workplace violence scenarios.



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Enrollment duration: 180 Days

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Any employer is 18 times more likely to experience workplace violence than a fire at work. We deploy fire prevention systems in every facility; yet the vast majority of employers don’t do anything about workplace violence. Sure, your management has a workplace violence policy; but there are no prevention protocols, no reporting procedures, no response procedures...there's no team created and deployed to command and control policy, prevention, response and recovery, and no employee training. Workplace violence is a foreseeable circumstance because the DOJ reports there are two-million instances every year at American employers. DOJ reports that workplace violence is greatly under-reported because employers are in denial and hesitant to file reports. Learn about the standards and laws surrounding workplace violence and how to properly train employees. It's every employer’s responsibility to protect and respond to workplace violence.