The Ultimate Savings: Life Cycle BIM for Facility Management

In this session, you will learn how facility management supported by building information modeling (BIM) technology can save facility managers time and potentially reduce maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of the facility.



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180 Days

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Video Courses

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the challenges of implementing BIM in an existing building.
  • Learn how BIM fits into the building life cycle.
  • Understand how documentation affects the FM's decision making process.
  • Discover the potential cost savings of operating with BIM.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

    Non-Member Price: $30.00

    Member price: $25.00

    Course Type: E-Learning

    CEU Credits: 0.10

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    For a facility manager, the information embedded in a BIM model represents the most tangible connection to the collective knowledge gained by the design team, the constructor and past operators of a facility. Discover how the ability to have building information literally at your fingertips allows a facility manager to be more effective. Discover what information a facility director needs to see in the BIM model and how it can be used to manage facility operations. Explore the cost benefits of BIM, as well as software solutions that exist for bringing BIM to FM.


    Ted Ritter
    Managing Partner