The Language of Metrics How FMs Measure Success

In this session, the FM researchers will discuss how to use the language of metrics that will simplify, justify, and become a powerful tool for FM professionals today and into the future.



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180 Days

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Learning outcomes
  • Discuss how crucial the credibility of metrics is to ensure buy-in at all levels of the organization
  • Identify the right combination of metrics to show success and weakness (helps to improve in the areas
  • Demonstrate the importance of keeping your operation budget on track
  • Discuss how to measure internal client satisfaction using metrics
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    Course Overview:

    Metrics is a tool for performance measurements that every FM should be using in their daily planning process. Metrics create transparency, accountability, and everyone understands it. It’s Friday at 2 pm and the CFO of your company calls you in to ask how the new renovation is coming along and by showing the project’s performance metrics (on-time and on-budget). The meeting ends successfully in 2 minutes. It is year-end review time and by using metrics all year long the FM department saved 35% of their annual budget; the company decides not to outsource the FM function. Why is it so important to use the language of metrics in the FM world? 


    Dean Kashiwagi Ph.D., PE, IFMA Fellow, Professor, Director of PBSRG, Arizona State University