The Hostile Intruder at Discovery Communications Inc.

In this session, join Vice President of Building Operations & Security at Discovery Karen Kiley, for a discussion about the emergency preparedness plans the company executed in an intruder scenario, including lessons learned and new tasks added to enhance emergency plans.



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  • What should be included in emergency and continuity plans and how they should be distributed
  • Benefits of keeping plans updated and tested
  • Collaborating with law enforcement agencies during a crisis
  • Importance of direct and clear communication during and after an event
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

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    The September 1st hostage crisis at Discovery Communications in Silver Spring should prompt all corporate facility managers to review emergency evacuation and continuity of operation plans — or, if they don’t have a plan, to make one.

    James J. Lee entered the public lobby at the Discovery’s global headquarters waving a gun and carrying explosives. He took two employees and a security officer hostage for four hours when the incident ended without injury to innocent people.

    Working closely with law enforcement, Discovery executed emergency plans flawlessly, employees were notified swiftly, and all of the people in the building were safely evacuated. Authorities praised Discovery for the way it handled the crisis and its evacuation plan, which was formally implemented in 2001 and is updated annually.



    Karen Kiley 
    Discovery Communications Inc. 
    Vice President, Building Operations & Security