The Basics of Building Systems

In this module, facility managers will receive a general overview of each of the major building systems to identify when building equipment is being serviced properly, and better understand how to manage the personnel who attend the building equipment.



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180 Days

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Essentials of Facility Management

Learning outcomes
  • Identify areas exterior to a building that should be part of a building site’s maintenance plan.
  • Identify the design, installation, and maintenance requirements for a roofing system.
  • Describe what needs to be maintained in order to maximize capabilities of HVAC systems.
  • Describe ways to maintain a facility’s electrical system.
  • Understand strategies that help address plumbing system problems.
  • Understand how to properly maintain fire protection systems.
  • Identify what activities will help maintain telecommunications equipment and software.
  • Describe how to enforce the proper use of elevators (lifts) and escalators.
  • Identify the six key areas to maintain for a building’s interior system.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    Module Outline

    • Module 2: The Basics of Building Systems Part 1
    • Module 2: The Basics of Building Systems Part 2
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    This is the second of four modules in "The Essentials of Facility Management: Operations and Maintenance Workshops".

    Content Development and Content Analysis Subject Matter Experts:

    • Christopher P. Hodges, P.E., CFM, LEED AP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow  
    • Edmond P. Rondeau, CFM, AIA, IFMA Fellow
    • Mark R. Sekula, CFM, LEED-AP, IFMA Fellow
    • Oscar Chan, Ph.D., CFM, CFMJ, F.PFM, IFMA Fellow