Sustainability Reporting: The Role of the Facility Manager in Measuring and Managing Energy, Carbon, and Water

In this session, you will explore the role of the facility manager in measuring, monitoring and reporting energy, water and carbon footprint data. Learn how these elements fit into the global framework of reporting that aligns with an organization’s corporate social responsibility and reporting requirements.



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180 Days

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Learning outcomes
  • Understand the importance of sustainability reporting as an organizational business requirement.
  • Learn about guidelines for sustainability reporting in the facility function.
  • Understand the facility manager’s role in measuring and monitoring consumption.
  • Learn how to drive efficiency improvements through sustainable facility management.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    Sustainability reporting has become mainstream for large organizations around the world. Just as financial reporting has become standardized over the last several decades, sustainability reporting is headed down the same path. Facility managers have a unique and important role in the reporting the performance of one of the largest assets of most organizations – their facilities. There are many sustainability reporting frameworks, but there are only a few that capture the right metrics and relate them back to the triple bottom line in a language that is consistent with an organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. By using this common language and world-recognized reporting framework, facility managers can enhance their position within their organizations and become the driver for sustainable facility management.


    Christopher Hodges
    Facility Engineering Associates

    Laurie Gilmer
    Facility Engineering Associates
    Associate, P.E., CFM, LEED AP, CxA