Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management

In this module, facility mangers will gain an understanding of the facility supervisor’s “work management” role in the organization — particularly concerning time and resource management, productivity, decision-making, communication and leadership.



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180 Days

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Essentials of Facility Management

Learning outcomes
  • Describe decision-making strategies for facility work management.
  • Understand communication strategies for facility supervisors.
  • Recognize the benefits of using Management By Walking Around (MBWA)
  • Understand the benefits of planning and scheduling work.
  • Describe planning and scheduling strategies for facility work management.
  • Identify examples of “efficiencies” that can be found utilizing work productivity.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

    Non-Member Price: $80.00

    Member price: $70.00

    Course Type: E-Learning

    CEU Credits: 0.00

    CFM points: N/A

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    Module Outline

    • Module 1: Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management
    • Module Assessment
    • Module Evaluation
    • Letter of Completion

    This is the first of five modules in the "Work Management Workshop Series”.

    Content Development and Content Analysis Subject Matter Experts:

    • Oscar Chan, Ph.D., CFM, CFMJ, F.PFM, IFMA Fellow
    • Eddie Clayson CFM, SFP, A.A.E
    • Christopher P. Hodges, P.E., CFM, LEED AP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow
    • Patrick Okamura, CFM,SFP,FMP,CSS
    • Kathy Powers, P.E., CFM
    • John Ringness, SFP, MRICS
    • David W. Samec, P.E. CFM
    • Sherif Maged