Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in Facility Management

In this module, facility managers will gain an understanding of how to meet customer expectations and increase client satisfaction, addressing different methods of collecting customer feedback and techniques for processing both positive and negative customer feedback.



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180 Days

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Essentials of Facility Management

Learning outcomes
  • In the context of facility management, list at least three ways to satisfy customers.
  • Discuss how metrics can be used to help meet customer expectations.
  • Identify at least three questions that should be asked in order to better manage customer expectations.
  • List at least two ways FM organizations can better manage customer service.
  • State at least two valid and reliable outcomes that customer surveys must have.
  • Identify at least two common mistakes that are made when using customer surveys.
  • Describe how gaps identified from customer survey results can help improve facility services.
  • Describe ways in which an FM organization should deal with positive and negative customer feedback.
  • State the key process steps in a continuous improvement model.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    Course Type: E-Learning

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    Module Outline

    • Module 5: Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in Facility Management
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    This is the fifth of five modules in the "Work Management Workshop Series”.

    Content Development and Content Analysis Subject Matter Experts:

    • Oscar Chan, Ph.D., CFM, CFMJ, F.PFM, IFMA Fellow
    • Eddie Clayson CFM, SFP, A.A.E
    • Christopher P. Hodges, P.E., CFM, LEED AP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow
    • Patrick Okamura, CFM,SFP,FMP,CSS
    • Kathy Powers, P.E., CFM
    • John Ringness, SFP, MRICS
    • David W. Samec, P.E. CFM
    • Sherif Maged