Making Business Continuity a "Way of Life" at Your Company: A Case Study

In this session, you will hear how the SCAN team pulled all the pieces of the business continuity puzzle together into a corporate-wide program and fixed the gaps in their business continuity plan to keep their strategy alive and vibrant.



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180 Days

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Video Courses

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  • Learn how to pull the pieces of the BCP puzzle together into a vibrant corporate-wide program.
  • Engage business units and break down silos among constituents and the local community.
  • Incorporate BCP into everyday culture through testing and tabletop exercises.
  • Acquire techniques for finding and fixing the gaps in your business continuity plan.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    Course Type: E-Learning

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    This case study outlines the four-year journey of the SCAN Health Plan facility team, and how they not only made business continuity a part of the DNA of their company, but also increased the team's credibility; broke down silos among business units and the local community; improved the company's attitude toward BCP; and increased the company's confidence in dealing with crisis.


    Diane Coles, MCR 
    SCAN Health Plan 
    Workplace Services

    Steven Goldman, Ed. D 
    Steve Goldman Associates 
    Internationally Recognized Expert & Consultant