Getting to TCOc (Total Cost of Occupancy) - Creating a Repeatable Process in Understanding, Delivering and Measuring Real Estate Decisions

In this session, you will review a case study to learn about the processes State Farm used in their TCO review to develop a repeatable process for organizational alignment, which laid the foundation for changes that would be implemented to their future real estate decisions.



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180 Days

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  • Understand the basics that large companies are faced with on their real estate decisions.
  • Review the variability in decisions that occur in a distributed real estate environment.
  • Learn about the process that State Farm used to bring about alignment.
  • Recognize the communications that are necessary to bring about change.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    State Farm recently completed a comprehensive review of its real estate portfolio. The process took a significant amount of work with internal and external resources. The resulting information has led them to some very interesting findings. As the team pulled information together, they were also tasked with building internal capabilities that would allow them to do the work on a continuum without the support of external resources. 


    Ronald Kalley, CFM, RPA, FMA 
    State Farm Insurance 
    Director, Administrative Services