From Sustainable FM to Strategically Sustainable FM

In this session, you will learn how to be your organization’s “Champion” of sustainability by leveraging your facility assets and aligning your sustainable FM strategy with your organization’s overall strategy, current FM and workplace trends and tie them back to sustainability. Also, how to apply big data to think critically about measures and targets that support strategically sustainable FM.



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Enrollment duration: 180 Days

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Sustainability is closely tied to facility management because of the relationship each has with operations and maintenance. FMs have long been focused on the tactical implementation of sustainability in how they operate their buildings on a day-to-day basis. This session will emphasize the need for FM to shift from the tactical to a more strategic level. In the C-suite, business tactics cascade from an overall business strategy, the sole purpose of which is to sustain the long term success of the organization. In the same way, FMs must look at sustainability as a strategy that leverages the facility assets with the organization’s overall business strategy to help ensure its viability and long term success.

Speaker: Lynn Baez, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group