From Manager to Leader: What Makes the Top 2% Successful

In this session, you will explore the psychology of leadership to enhance your ability to self-manage and lead others. Change your perception of yourself to create a more global perspective of your work world and how to position yourself as an emerging leader.



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180 Days

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Video Courses

Learning outcomes
  • Improved communication and staff relations skills are employed to engage and gain employee commitment.
  • Increased ability to lead change, manage crisis and inspire others.
  • Increased levels of confidence as leaders find their voice to create employee commitment.
  • Create a stronger sense of purpose, ethics and direction when dealing with staff.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

    Non-Member Price: $30.00

    Member price: $25.00

    Course Type: E-Learning

    CEU Credits: 0.10

    CFM points: 1

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    Leadership is a process that involves change and effort.

    Great leadership is enhanced by an understanding of the psychological principles of ethical leader development. Explore the psychology of leadership and the development of emerging leaders. Gain innovative ways of leading and thriving in spite of the exponential change occurring in our economy.

    Discover the kind of mindset and skill required to compete in today's turbulent environment. Attendees who apply and integrate this information will enhance their understanding of their own capacity for innovative leadership during uncertain times.



    Linda Talley
    Linda Talley & Associates, Inc.