Essentials of Facility Management Series

The Essentials of Facility Management is a series of training workshops designed to meet the educational needs of FM professionals in global FM markets. 



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180 Days

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Essentials of Facility Management

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Enrollment duration: 180 Days

Languages: English

Non-Member Price: $590.00

Member price: $510.00

Course Type: E-Learning

CEU Credits: 0.00

CFM points: N/A

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This package is the entire Essential of Facility Management Series. It consists of all 3 workshops consisting of 10 modules. Successful completion of all three training workshops will grant an electronic certificate of completion.

Introduction to Facility Management Workshop

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Facility Management 

Operations and Maintenance Workshops 

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Operations and Maintenance
  • Module 2 – The Basics of Building Systems
  • Module 3 – The Application of Technology
  • Module 4 – The Implications of Health and Safety in Managing Buildings

Work Management in Facilities Workshops

  • Module 1 – Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management
  • Module 2 – Applying Work Management to Building Systems
  • Module 3 – Work Management Tools in Facility Management
  • Module 4 – Managing Contractors in Facility Management
  • Module 5 – Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in Facility Management