Ergonomics Programs For FMs: Why Ergonomics Needs to be in Facilities

In this session, you will explore the evolution of one of the most effective ergonomics programs in the United States, addressing the importance of FM-led ergonomics programs for organization-wide integration that contributes to enhanced overall business success.



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180 Days

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Learning outcomes
  • Explore why ergonomics should be located in facilities.
  • Learn how an ergonomics program can place facilities in the middle of corporate business operations.
  • Learn how the case study ergonomics program was started.
  • Discuss why an integrated ergonomics program is so important to the success of business today.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    Discover how one of the premier ergonomics programs in the U.S. was justified and implemented and: 

    1. Why it would not have happened had it not been in facilities;
    2. How this program helped to provide unprecedented involvement in the enterprise operations;
    3. How this involvement advanced the visibility and thus the career of the facility manager;
    4. How the ergonomics program was a pivotal step in the company becoming one of the Top 100 Companies To Work For;
    5. Why integrated ergonomics programs are essential to the success of business today.

    Facility operations typically have large budgets for operating, building and managing their buildings. They also are typically in control of building facilities, furnishing them and providing the equipment, maintaining the indoor air quality and everything else that is essential to a top ergonomics program. These factors and more make facilities the right place for the location of the corporate safety and ergonomics programs.


    Hank Austin
    Ergo Squad