Developing an Action Plan Building Energy Metering and Beyond

In this session, you will develop an understanding of whole-building energy consumption and energy efficiency solutions for sustained reductions. Facility professionals can use this overview to draft an action plan to strategize energy efficiency within the organization.



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Enrollment duration: 180 Days

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Energy consumption is often considered a controllable cost; however, to determine the most effective and cost-efficient energy reduction strategies, understanding energy consumption beyond the whole building level is often necessary. This session will provide a vendor-neutral overview of what tools and software can be used to quantify energy consumption to determine energy efficiency opportunities and how to sustain energy reductions once implemented. After presenting a case study of a laboratory building on a university campus that uses utility meters, the building automation system, and multiple sub-meters and sensors, the presenter will help attendees develop an action plan to apply the information from the session. Those attending will have the opportunity to leave the session with a draft plan to take back to the office to start implementing applicable energy efficiency strategies at a facility they work in or provide service to.


Angela Lewis PE, LED ARP, FMP