Creating a Powerful FM Legacy

As an unprecedented number of experienced facility managers transition out of active practice, the FM industry is experiencing the largest professional hand-off in industry history. This session addresses the need for FM organizations to preserve the FM legacy and prepare for the next generation of facility professionals.



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180 Days

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Learning outcomes
  • Come away fully informed about importance of legacy planning.
  • Prepare to develop strategic legacy plans.
  • Create timely action steps to implement a succession plan.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    An essential function of an FM executive includes creating a strategic legacy plan and implementing thoughtful actions to ensure that the organization is left in good hands. This session provides the framework for a strategic legacy plan and the tools to establish a series of action steps. The following concerns will be addressed:

    • Why worry about legacy planning?
    • How do you build a legacy plan?
    • What are the legacy plan components?
    • How do you share legacy information and phase the plan?
    • How does mentoring enter into the picture?


    Stormy Friday, MPA, IFMA Fellow
    The Friday Group