Communicating in a Crisis

In this session, you will learn how to deal with the media (and many other audiences) during a crisis. Learn how to respond to questions briefly and directly, and learn how to control the flow of information during a crisis.



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180 Days

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Video Courses

Learning outcomes
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with the media and other audiences during a crisis.
  • Take away five key points to preparing an effective crisis communications plan.
  • Take away six keys to doing a good news interview.
  • Acquire four specific techniques to answering difficult questions - from anyone.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

    Non-Member Price: $30.00

    Member price: $25.00

    Course Type: E-Learning

    CEU Credits: 0.10

    CFM points: 1

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    The crisis you never expected suddenly strikes. Five hungry reporters are outside your door, demanding answers. Another dozen have phoned in the past 15 minutes wanting to know what happened and why?


    Anthony Huey
    Reputation Management Associates