Bombs, Suspicious Packages & Active Shooters: How Do You Respond at Your Workplace

In this session, you will learn how to create plans and procedures and how to train your emergency team and rank-and-file employees. You will also be given insights on how you and your employees should plan, train and exercise for this growing and foreseeable emergency.



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180 Days

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Learning outcomes
  • Understanding the employer's responsibility under law. Learn the best practices when dealing with these threats.
  • How do you train for an Active Shooter in your workplace? How do you prepare for tactical response? How do you train employees re your tactical response?
  • How should you, as the employer distinguish the hoax from the real? What are your command, control and communications issues response to these threats?
  • Decide which employees to train and how to train them. The role of police and fire departments in your planning, training and drills.
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    Enrollment duration: 180 Days

    Languages: English

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    Course Overview:

    On an average, NYC gets 100 threats communicated every day. Out of these, 6 result in deployment of the NYPD bomb squad-every day-mostly to workplaces, not to your apartment. Maybe you're not NYC, but threats from bombs and suspicious packages are constant and foreseeable emergencies for your workplace and your surroundings anywhere in America. FBI and NYPD report that Active Shooter incidents have quadrupled in 2013-16 versus the previous five-years’ average. 70% of Active Shooters are in workplaces versus campuses. 3 people die and 3+ are injured in the average Active Shooter incident. Active shooters strike malls, high rises, healthcare and factories as well as campuses. Your response is dramatically different at each site.  Bo will profile the likely perpetrator, likely motives and then explain how you should plan and train your employees to stay safe. With the help of this training session, you will be able to keep your personnel safe from workplace violence, especially Active Shooters. 


    Bo Mitchell, President, 911 Consulting