RICS Chartered Qualification (MRICS)

Gain a chartered qualification demonstrating regulated, FM professional and strategic advisory expertise and ethics


RICS Chartered Qualification (MRICS)


To qualify as MRICS you will need to complete the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). You will be assessed through written submissions and a face-to-face interview that will demonstrate your technical and soft skill competencies.




Accredited degree

< 5 years' experience


Any degree and over

5 years' experience

Degree equivalent

professional qualification

Structured training

Recorded CPD

Log book    
Summary of experience
Case study
Online ethics assessment
Preliminary review  
Final assessment interview


How will I be assessed?

Here is a summary of the competency requirements you will need to demonstrate:

Core competencies. Choose four from the following:

Analysis of client requirements 

Corporate real estate management

Procurement and tendering

Project financial control and reporting

Maintenance management

Supplier management

Environmental management

Works progress and quality management


Mandatory competencies

Accounting principles and procedures

Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures

Business planning

Data management

Client care

Health and safety

Communication and negotiation


Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice

Team working


Optional competencies. Choose three from the following:

Building Information modelling (BIM) management

Fire safety

Conflict avoidance, management and dispute

resolution procedures or Health and safety

(must be taken to Level 3) or Sustainability


Construction technology and environmental


Landlord and tenant (including rent reviews

and lease renewals)

Consultancy services 

Project audit

Contract administration

Project financial control and reporting

Contract practice

Property management

Design and specification

Strategic real estate consultancy


Where do I take the APC?

Your written submissions can be prepared and submitted while working through the RICS Assessment Resource Centre. You can then apply to sit the final assessment. Visit rics.org/finalassessment to find out when final assessment interviews take place.

How long does it take to become MRICS?

Depending on your experience, it will typically take between 12 months and five years to qualify.

Do I have to recertify?

No, as long as you maintain your RICS professional fees, adhere to the RICS rules and regulations and complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) each year, you will be qualified as MRICS.


Find out more and enrol online at rics.org/mrics