IFMA FM Learning Sytem

The complete study resource for the CFM Exam 



Earn Your CFM® Credential

Increase your FM knowledge and prepare for the CFM Exam with confidence and convenience

The IFMA Facility Management Learning System™ is an interactive print and Web-based review program that reinforces the facility management body of knowledge in a flexible, on-demand format. 

Developed by IFMA and a team of subject matter experts, this program encompasses current knowledge, best practices and trends in facility management, covering all core competencies. In addition to preparing professionals for the CFM Exam, the Learning System is an excellent professional development tool and an indispensable on-the-job resource. The IFMA FM Learning System offers flexible study options that can be tailored to individual learning needs and preferences.

Trust IFMA to bring you effective learning materials

The IFMA FM Learning System is a premier quality program designed to meet the professional development, training, and CFM Exam preparation needs of facility management professionals and their employers.

  • One comprehensive program covering the updated body of knowledge
  • Flexible learning options
  • Content reflects IFMA's most recent Global Job Task Analysis (GJTA)
  • Globally-recognized association
  • Developed by a team of respected, global FM experts

*Please note: participation in exam preparation courses is optional and not approved or endorsed as the only or best means of preparation for the CFM exam. The IFMA Certification Commission, the governing body responsible for the development and maintenance of the CFM exam, is not involved in the development or delivery of any exam preparation materials.

Benefits of the FMLS

The FM Learning System will provide you with the tools necessary to learn the updated FM body of knowledge as well as help you prepare for the updated CFM Exam in the time frame and learning format that best suits you.

Why consider the FM Learning System?

  • Comprehensive program
  • Up-to-date body of knowledge
  • Flexible learning options
  • Content based on thorough research
  • Globally-recognized association
  • Developed by a team of FM experts

Why should employers consider the FM Learning System?

  • Implement an effective up-to-date training program from a globally-recognized organization.
  • Enable employees to make better FM decisions.
  • Increase your company’s credibility among customers and suppliers.
  • Utilize one turn-key training program saving time and money.