Associate RICS and Certified Facility Manager® (AssocRICS & CFM®)

The world’s most highly esteemed credentials that validate facility management professionalism

Associate RICS and Certified Facility Manager®

Gain the world’s most highly esteemed credentials that validate facility management professionalism. Holding the AssocRICS and CFM professional designations will:

  • Benefit you with elite status in both FM and property.
  • Demonstrate regulated, technical FM expertise and proven professional ethics.
  • Communicate quality of knowledge, experience and consistent delivery of customer service in the procurement of FM and corporate real estate services.
  • Extend your reach with international networking opportunities.

Who should pursue the AssocRICS & CFM credentials?

Seasoned facility managers who meet eligibility requirements. Do you already have your CFM? Please contact to learn how you can gain the AssocRICS qualification.

How do I earn the AssocRICS & CFM credentials?

To qualify as both AssocRICS & CFM you must complete the CFM exam followed by the RICS Online Ethics Assessment.

Benefits of AssocRICS & CFM

Why pursue the AssocRICS & CFM credentials:

  • Status – CFM is the industry standard for practising facility managers and AssocRICS promotes your trusted and regulated status to clients, peers and employers promising consistent professionalism
  • Recognition – As two global credentials, AssocRICS & CFM offers you enhanced status at home and across the world through the broader reach and recognition of the professional status in the industry internationally
  • Market advantage – Holding both CFM and an RICS credential makes you twice as marketable; FM knowledge and the property professional status of RICS offers you wider or integrated career opportunities
  • Knowledge – Free access to international practice guidance in FM and the wider built environment
  • Networking – Connecting to 125,000 professionals working across the whole property lifecycle offers you valuable links and career opportunities in the wider built environment