RICS Associate Qualification (AssocRICS)


Gain a recognized professional designation that demonstrates regulated, technical FM expertise and proven professional ethics


RICS Associate Qualification (AssocRICS)


Who should pursue the AssocRICS qualification?

Facility managers, technical and commercial experts with four years of FM experience or a credential recognized by RICS. CFM credential holders are eligible for direct entry meaning you could qualify without completing the written assessment. CFM credential holders would only need to complete the RICS Online Ethics Assessment in order to gain AssocRICS status. CFM and the AssocRICS ethics assessment are available for application together. 

Do I have to recertify?

No, as long as you maintain your RICS professional fees, adhere to the RICS rules of conduct and ethical standards and complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) each year, you will be qualified as AssocRICS.


Benefits of AssocRICS:


  • AssocRICS is a mark of quality and respect among clients. It is an industry recognized benchmark of your technical expertise and commercial competence minimizing risk to their brand reputation.
  • Gain elevated status as a specialist among colleagues and employees - gain the confidence to demonstrate the business value of FM and speak the same language as employers, clients and peers
  • Get the credit for your technical knowledge and experience and build on your skills with exposure to an array of training and wider network of related property professionals.
  • AssocRICS demonstrates to clients your commitment to delivering consistent customer service requirements and added value services, and acts as a guarantee of quality assurance in the procurement of FM and corporate real estate services.



Enquire about obtaining the RICS Associate qualification - email qualifyFM@rics.org