Earn distinction, demonstrate your expertise and increase your earning potential. The Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers. It is an ideal opportunity for experienced FM professionals to distinguish themselves with the most respected global credential in facility management.


Certification is valid for three years.  A list of point-earning activities in each of these areas is sent to each new CFM. To maintain the CFM credential, a list of the activities performed along with the appropriate supporting documentation including a processing fee must be submitted to IFMA credentialing department.

 CFM Recertification Fee:

 IFMA members

 $290 (Members receive a discount on the recert fee)



 GSA fee 

 $203.72           (GSA fees apply to Federal Agency Employees who are eligible for GSA pricing)

Tiered pricing for the CFM recertification is regionally based.  To determine which fee(s) apply to you, view the Tiered Pricing Chart, find the country associated with your home address, and determine the applicable fee. Discounted rates apply to tiers 2 and 3.

  • To access the IFMA CFM Recertification Form login to your CAMP record.
  •  After logging in, from the left menu > under Credentials > Applications and Forms > choose CFM Recertification Form. You can print the Certification Maintenance Worksheet , for use in preparing your online CFM Recertification Form for submission.
  • Once your CFM Recertification Form has been submitted, you will see the CFM Recertification Payment Form, also under Applications and Forms. You will need to complete, submit, and confirm the payment form. 
  • IFMA will review your maintenance form and you will be notified of the outcome by email. You should allow approximately 30 days for processing and receipt of your recertification certificate packet.

What if the CFM designation expires?

After the CFM expiration date, there is a three-month grace period in which the credential may be renewed without penalty.  After the grace period, there is an additional three-month period, the cancellation pending period during which a late fee of US$100.00 is charged, in addition to the recertification fee. The rules of the International Credentials Commission mandate that anyone who goes more than six months past their expiration date without renewing the CFM, will have their credential cancelled.  In order to have a cancelled CFM reinstated, the candidate will have to retake and pass the CFM Exam.

Reminder notices are sent out as a courtesy, beginning six months prior to the expiration date of the CFM credential.  It is each CFM’s professional obligation to renew their CFM in a timely manner. It is also their responsibility to ensure that their contact information is kept current so that the notices are received.


What is the Retired CFM (RCFM) status?

A Retired CFM category has been established for CFMs who have retired or who have otherwise left the profession and want to indicate past certification and show their relationship to the credential. There are no age or renewal requirements for RCFM, however application must be made no more than 6 months past the expiration date of the CFM credential. The RCFM application form is available through IFMA's  CAMP system.

Because there is no maintenance required, the RCFM is not considered an active credential.  RCFMs who wish to have the active CFM status reinstated, will have to take and pass the CFM exam.


Recertification Resources & Links

Retired CFM (RCFM) Program (pdf) 

CAMP User Guide

Recertification Maintenance Worksheet (valid after Jan 1, 2018)

CFM Recertification Presentation

CFM Candidate Handbook



Visit the CFM FAQs to get more information on the most frequently asked questions regarding the CFM certification. CFM FAQs

If you have other questions, contact Rhonda Hager, IFMA Credentials Manager Email: Phone: +1-281-974-5632